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A behind the scenes look at our company, culture and employees

Street Matter is a mass media entertainment business that provides a single Platform for all talented individuals who want to showcase their ability, skill or a talent to the world. We are a Talent Search entertainment business and our talent hunt goes beyond just the streets. We Hunt true talent throughout the spectrum of emerging entertainment areas like media, music, digital and fine art (sculpture, painting, designing etc.) we also have an eye for excellent film production, music production and video production.


We organize Singing competitions, Dance Competitions and Acting Competitions. On the fine arts side, we also cater for raw talents through our crafting competition and Sculpting competitions.


Our Marketing and advertising service combines the unique expertise across a broad spectrum of arts music and film industry.


Street matter also provides employment opportunities for Writers and Editors in Film Production. We are constantly looking for and hiring Actors and models through our Actors talent hunt. Our Freelance Modelling caters for young, aspiring models who want to establish their careers in modelling.


Our talent acquisition also follows television and radio appearances.


Street Master’s goal is to captivate the whole world with unique talents from around the world, Hunt for them and provide them a single platform to shine as new rising stars of the future.

Pay Television

We use and provide Out-of-home advertising to promote your messages even further. With new technologies and innovations, business practices and audience rating systems, we can target specific consumers to promote a service or product or even a talent. Being highly adaptable, Out of the home advertising has a great potential.

Out-of-Home Advertising

Our services provide the much needed relevant exposure that fresh talent requires. We make this happen by organizing numerous Talent hunts in hopes to find out fresh faces in the entertainment spectrum of Dancing , singing, video making, music production, painting, sculpting and many more.


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